Fox Digital Studio’s teen comedy movie “Mono,” with a cast that includes several big social-media stars, release June 8th on Netflix and digital sell-through platforms like iTunes. The movie features songs from Affix Music providers Milk & Sizz, Kaptin Fat, The Beat Geeks, Haha-Yo, Yac-Yan Da Businessman and PKoneday. Click HERE to listen!

The film stars Sam Lerner, Ty Parker and Sarah De La Isla, along with digital media influencers Christian DelGrosso (7.5 million Vine followers), Brandon Bowen (3.3 million Vine followers), Jake Paul (5 million Vine followers) and Eric Ochoa (2.3 million YouTube subscribers).

It’s the latest movie aiming to leverage the power of digital celebs, in the hopes they can rally their millions of Internet fans to turn out in force and download or stream the film. Movies with digital stars like Defy Media/AwesomenessTV’s “Smosh: The Movie” and Fullscreen’s “The Outfield” both shot to the top of iTunes’ charts with their initial releases.