Thursday October 9th 5:00 PM MusicTrain Rm Crowne Plaza Midtown

Join Affix Music for an in-depth discussion, exploring how the worlds
of music and advertising are intertwined with expert insight from both
sides of the deal.

This diverse group of panelists has been directly involved with music
licensing and original music production in award-winning branding
campaigns for: Sprite, 20th Century Fox Films, Boost Mobile, Toyota,
Southwest Airlines, Goodyear, Kellogg, Kmart, Smirnoff,
Intercontinental Hotel Group, Travelocity, Cartoon Network,
Chick-Fil-A, BMW, Arby’s, Nestle Ice Cream, Coca-Cola, Pergo and Nike.

Topics include pain-points and victories for artists and brands alike,
the process of placing music in advertising, creative approval,
unrealistic deadlines and imposable clients. Gain insight into how to
make the rights to your music more accessible and hear how brands turn
to music to tell their story.