We’re pleased to continue our Celebrity Playlist Series with musical selections from the Affix catalog chosen by CHAD DAVID SHEARER.  Chad is the creative director & co-owner of Atlanta based publicity firm CAREN WEST PR.  Heading up PR for the majority of the firm’s music accounts, clients have included: Camp Bisco Music & Arts Festival, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Amberland, the Echo Project, the Georgia Theatre, 99X, & ROCK 100 amongst others.  He lives in Atlanta with his 7 year old son, Tristan.

Chad writes:

“I chose the tracks in my playlist with running in mind.  I love to run.  More specifically, I love to run through the streets of Atlanta.  Having the right playlist can be everything to a runner.  Your surroundings will melt away, allowing you to think through life’s challenges while temporarily escaping from them.  And while my natural tendency would be to go for the bangers that get the adrenaline pumping and the legs moving, looking back at this particular playlist I opted for more ambient tracks.  The more uptempo tunes definitely will get you moving, but it’s the more ethereal which truly allow you to escape.”

Perfect Project – Buddah Beat

PKoneday – Gravity

The Beat Geeks – Bass Turnt Up

Sam Rhansum – Check the Tech

Jon Pierre – Crossing the Divide

Jon Pierre – Orchestral Hotness

Buk of Psychodrama – God Bless the Child

Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics – Heartlite

Michael Woodruff – Punk

Michael Woodruff – Space Dubb

Michael Woodruff – Working

SMKA – Soul Sonic (Galaxy)

Richelle L. Brown – Sweat

Twentyone – It’s Going Down

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