Lenny Rubenovitch, Owner and Founder of Underexposed Agency, talks about his top-notch video production company with Affix co-owner Simon Horrocks.  Underexposed has partnered with Push.ca, a Canadian company that creates original video, photo, and written content around skateboarding and snowboarding.  Rubenovitch films and produces videos for the site, and employs the use of Affix music to further enhance the level of quality for Push.
Check out the interview with Lenny as he talks about his passion for skateboarding and snowboarding , how his business became such a success, and how Affix has become a part of creating his high-quality work.

For an example of Underexposed’s outstanding work utilizing music from the Affix catalog, check out the “Living Legends: Kale Stephens” video below featuring music by The Hero Brothers and Michael Woodruff: