Dubstep: From Underground to the Top of the Charts

London may not be the first city that comes to mind when one thinks about Urban Music.  But in the early days of the twenty-first century, the British capital served as a breeding ground for what would eventually become known as “dubstep” – an electronic Urban...

Simon to Speak at Kennesaw State

Affix partner, Simon Horrocks, will speak to students in the Music Business program at Kennesaw State University at 3:30 & 5pm on March 24.  Both sessions are open to students only.

Urban Shines at 2011 Grammys

The annual Grammy Awards mark highlights and milestones in the careers of many artists.  For those that grew up dreaming about a life of music stardom, it gets no better than hoisting a golden gramophone trophy.  A nomination in and of itself is recognition of outstanding achievement in the recording arts.  Yet, while Grammy night can mean so much to individual artists or groups, this years’ awards show was a banner night for an entire genre: Urban.  Urban artists shined not only as nominees and winners, but also as performers, commandeering the stage at L.A.’s Staples Center.  We’re proud to be a part of the most relevant genre in music today and we couldn’t help ourselves from breaking down the massive success of Urban at this year’s Grammys.

Licensing Revenues on the Rise

The sky is falling. At least that’s what recent music industry reports would lead one to believe. The first four weeks of 2011 saw the three lowest selling number one albums ever. Pair those stats with the latest layoff spree at Universal Music Group and it’s easy to see why many feel like the horizon is looking rather bleak. But amidst all of the ruble and dismay, there is one statistic to get excited about: licensing revenues are on the rise. We are proud to be a part of the new music business landscape.

Primetime Placement

2010 ended with a bang for us here at Affix as we celebrated a placement in Ray Romano’s latest hit show, Men of a Certain Age.  The show licensed The Beat Geeks’ “Strobe Lights” for their December 13 episode.In its second season, Men of a Certain Age, which takes an...

Join Us at The Core DJ’s Retreat!

Join Affix Music co-founder Simon Horrocks this Friday (11/12) at The Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Atlanta for The Core DJ's Retreat XIII!  Simon will be speaking on a panel about music in today's digital world.  Click here for tickets and more event...

The Rise of The Video (Again)

The video is back in business. And so is the creative opportunity that it used to provide. Like Kanye West’s avian love interest in “Runaway,” the music video has risen from the ashes of big media.

I’m a Business, Man

Digital Music News published an article this week detailing the top 8 reasons why rappers are great businessmen.  We think they hit the nail on the head…almost.  It’s not just rappers; it’s Urban artists across the spectrum.  Between their collaborative zeal (read: brand alliance) and their unrivaled ability to prolifically produce records (consistently engage the consumer), Urban artists are showing no signs of relinquishing their roles as the leaders of the new music movement.

Get an Affix Scholarship to Music University

Update: Simon will no longer be speaking at Music University, however, the Affix discount code will still be honored. Affix co-founder, Simon Horrocks, will be speaking at this year's Music University event at Patchwork Studios in Atlanta and we are pleased to be able...

Brave New Virtual World

Digital music sales are simply not making up for the massive loss of physical sales. So what’s next? And, more importantly, who’s going to capitalize on it first? These days we find artists looking beyond the song for ways to cash in on their brands, but in the face of all of this change, one thing remains the same – Urban is winning.

Good To Go

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