More and more companies and individuals use social publishing platforms like YouTube and Facebook to broadcast brand messages and grow audiences. Finding the right song to tell your brand’s story is a critical and important job, but only half of the process. Not understanding what it takes to use music legally can adversely affect you and be very costly for your brand.

Use of the Beastie Boys music in branded online videos for Goldieblox and Monster without permission resulted in millions of dollars in settlements, legal fees and negative PR. The battle over copyright infringement isn’t reserved to huge companies. YouTube star Michelle Phan was recently sued by Ultra Records for over 50 “blatant copyright infringements. The label is seeking $150K per instance.

Navigating legacy copyright law for new media is a challenging proposition for even the most experienced professional. Affix helps cut though the noise by offering several licenses specifically created for web content. You can find the right license for your project under the Web and Mobile section of shopping cart next to the song.