About me: My name’s Chloe, and I’m Affix Music’s newest associate!  Being from Atlanta I am super passionate about getting involved with, and leaving my mark on Atlanta’s music and entertainment industry.  After graduating from Georgia State I began working for a music management company doing PR and new media marketing, and quickly expanded into the college radio promotion and marketing world.  From there I became involved with the Atlanta chapter of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP), and Georgia Music Partners.  I have a passion for working with independent music, and I’m excited to bring my experience to Affix and the music placement business.
About my playlist: The Affix Music catalog hosts thousands of tracks, encompassing some of music’s most popular genres and providing listeners with the opportunity to easily and quickly hear a variety of musical styles and subgenres from artists they may have not been otherwise exposed to.  For me music is the underscore of life, constantly playing and switching tracks as we live moment to moment, day to day.  The music reflects our feelings and moods, and so the playlists of our lives are varied musically crossing genres, switching tempos, and changing as suddenly and sometimes as dramatically as our emotions.  With this in mind, I can easily say there is not a style of music that I cannot appreciate.  When I picked my playlist from the Affix catalog I tried to incorporate the diversity represented by Affix, picking songs from each genre that seemed to most represent me.  Enjoy!

Jekob – Snow In Love: With a definite holiday feel, this song is cute, it’s catchy, and it’s fun.

Perfect Project – Buddah Beat: I picked this track because
it has a lot of energy.  Although drum & bass and jungle electronic
music are two styles I would typically not listen to regularly, I really like
the aggressive use of drums on this track.

Yoki Martin – Spread Love: This song is quirky and
unique and has a solid female hip-hop vocalist, which is always cool.

Blair Crimmins and the Hookers – State Hotel: I love this song!  I
dig the folksy feel, the trumpet, and the grittiness in the vocals.

Jekob – Can’t Have My Soul: The track has a good beat,
which is something that always catches my ear.  If the drums can’t hold up
I can’t get into the track.  This track is solid, and I like that the song
has something to say.

K.M. – Private Show: I picked this track because
with their synth usage, aggressive tempo, and vocal treatment, it is very
representative of contemporary Southern hip-hop.   I also really
liked their Aerosmith shout out.

Spencer Garn – Love Says Hello Goodbye Again: I like the twang, what can
I say?

Luke Galloway – Rabbit Hole: This track has a really
nice, laid-back sound that initially drew me in.  The lyrics are
interesting, and I like when artists incorporate non-instrumental sounds in
their music (in this case clapping).

Nappy Roots – Come Back Home: I love hip hop tracks that
blend genres, when artists rap over slower tempos that incorporate organic
music, not just something put together electronically.

Nappy Roots – P.O.N.: I’m a sucker for a piano
and strings.

Jaspects – Be-Hop: This track is really cool
because it takes a very old be-bop style and turns it into current and relevant
hip hop.

Dave Herrero – Nacogdoches: I chose this track because
stylistically it’s definitely different from a majority of the tracks in the
catalog, and I really like its bluesy, soulful sound.

Eskay – Electric Love: This song is fun, feel good
music.  It’s a great pop meets electronica blend.

Lann – Speechless: I picked this track because
the singer has a good voice, and she’s believable singing this love song.

PKoneday – Out of the Jungle: This song has a great
pop/techno feel and is fun, and puts out a positive message.

Inca Silver – Rainbow Vissions: This song has a really
great bass line that hooked me.

Spencer Garn – Black Cat in the Night: This song is cool – it’s
different.  It’s not really super mainstream, but it definitely has a good
sound, and solid instrumentation.

Trevor Page – My Baby: I like music in general
that can put out a solid beat and also make me laugh, and this track does that.

This track has a fun
throw-back sound to it that I really liked.

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