For the second year in a row, Affix Music is pleased to announce its sponsorship of The Next Cool Event on Friday & Saturday, Feb 17- 18, 2012 at the Atlanta Expo Center.
The Next Cool Event (“NCE”) is a celebration of the amazing local Georgia talent involved in many ways in the production of entertainment in the state.  A collaborative design affair, NCE mixes the best and latest from the entertainment, music, interior design and event industries.  Featuring people, places and things that are cutting edge, the event seeks to connect local creative businesses to promote and support the Georgia Tax Incentives benefitting entertainment production.

NCE is the brainchild of Barbara English, founder of TO THE TRADE ONLY, a collective of experienced creative professionals whose main focus is creating liaisons within the creative communities for cross promotion and collective marketing.  The Georgia Tax incentives have been wildly successful in bringing the national and international film and TV industry to Georgia, and NCE was organized to create awareness within those communities of the local infrastructure and resources that exist to support them.

Last year’s inaugural event (titled “The Next Cool Thing), was amazing.  Ozcetera summed it up this way:

Rather than a standard tradeshow, however, The Next Cool Thing was designed to inspire industry professionals to see the creative process in action.  Picture a building the length of a football field, and add a half length more.  Fill it with 300 creative exhibits representing the film & television industry, the interior design industry and the event design industry.  Attach 13,000 industry professionals for the weekend, mix in great food and flowing bards and what you have is the Next Cool Thing.

The compilation of vignettes, each designed around movie and television themes, included Sex and the CityAvatarDown With Love, Casablanca, and more.

Expect music to play an even larger part in this year’s event.  Like last year, DJ and Affix music provider Mayhem is providing musical direction services, incorporating movie and television themes related to the exhibits into a custom music soundtrack for the evenings.  Barbara has also tapped The Recording Academy Atlanta Chapter and Georgia Music Partners to provide notable and up-and-coming musical talent, including Affix music provider PKoneday, to perform several songs each live on stage.

*Promo video features “Bass Turnt Up” from Affix artist The Beat Geeks.

This year the event has more than doubled in size, necessitating a move to the much larger Atlanta Expo Center venue.  Friday night, Feb 17, is Red Carpet Cocktails (7:00P-11:00P), and Saturday night, Feb 18, is the VIP Gala (by invitation only, 8:00P-12:00A).   NCE also has a Saturday daytime venue for the entire family.

This is a ticketed event.  For more information and to check on ticket availability, click here.