Parks and Recreation” is responsible for major primetime placements for Affix, and they’ve come back for Round 2 for the current season. Sam Rhansum’s “Shorty”, “Just Dance” by Sweatbox Productions, and “Get Up” from Tigga Bounce were featured in a late fall episode.
Teen Mom 2” broke viewership records for any MTV Networks show, with 3.6 million viewers watching the premiere.  “16 and Pregnant” gained just as impressive numbers, and Affix’s music is all over both shows.  “Teen Mom 2” pulled 14 songs over four episodes, just topping “16 and Pregnant”’s double digit usage over multiple episodes in the latest season.

Some projects call for very specific styles and emotions in their musical accompaniment, and others could span a wide variety of types.  VH1’s “The T.O. Show” provided Affix with a broad description of what music would fit well with each project, and Affix took creative initiative to make suggestions about what would best accompany the show’s programming.  Affix’s expertise shined through – the show is using 13 songs from the catalog, to span six episodes.

ABC’s “Charlie’s Angels” has represented Affix as well, with John Forbes’ Latin-full mix “Bailer-Dance” in a recent episode.

Trends with Benefits”, a new show on TBS, provides insight and advice from experts on trends on all sorts of topics, such as dating, food and beverages, and pop culture.  The show airs on Saturdays on TBS, with shorter segments available at that provide “snackable content and social media commentary focusing on trends from that week’s show.”  Dave Herrero’s song “Swingy Dingy 2” is in the “Popular Apps” episode, and the “Chocolate Pairing” episode showcases “Drifting” by Michael Woodruff.

Trends with Benefits – Popular AppsFeaturing Affix Music: “Swingy Dingy 2” by Dave Herrero

Trends with Benefits – Chocolate PairingsFeaturing Affix Music: “Drifting” by Michael Woodruff