The use of video on the web is exploding.  At Affix, we’ve certainly seen the uptick across the board in licensing music for use on the Web- from programming to advertising to promos.  We thought we’d take a moment to highlight a few of our favorite, recent examples using Affix music to target audiences effectively.
Web Programming is a Canadian website that creates original video, photo, and written content around skateboarding and snowboarding.  Together with Lenny Rubenovitch at Underexposed Agency, they harness a dedicated crew of writers, bloggers, photographers and filmers to offer up high quality, exclusive entertainment content.  Enjoy their piece on Barry Walsh, part of their 8-part video series on “Living Legends” presented by Degree.

Featuring Affix Music: “Vibe Out”, “QJM” and “Welcome to the Show” by PVD & “Oxy Teacher” by Frankie P

Web Advertising

Social media strategists Everywhere use their experience in social media, advertising, PR, marketing, entertainment, radio, and television to help brands build better social connections everywhere.   Their unique strategy of content and events creation was the concept behind this Martha Stewart Pie Pop-Up Shop piece for Macy’s.

Featuring Affix Music: “You’re My Fur” by Kabao

Since 2008, Whynatte– the cutting-edge, ready-to-drink, coffee-based energy drink- has cultivated a rabid following by blending social situations and social media as the pillars of their brand marketing.   Music has always been a key component of Whynatte’s marketplace connection through support of artists & events that reflect the brand’s attitude.   We were honored when they found our music and licensing solution the perfect combination to promote The 1st Anual Whynatte Mixology Competition.  Oh, and did we mention we’re fans?

Featuring Affix Music: “No Strings” by Bao Pham aka Classic

Web Promo

In 2010, Tony Rouse launched the Atlanta Food Rave, the city’s ultimate culinary experience featuring the Atlanta’s hottest chefs, best food and most fun all had in one night.  More than a meal, think of it as “Culinary Nightlife.”  Social media played a big part in making the inaugural event award-winning.  Always looking to up his game, Tony looked for the perfect musical complement to his 2011 online announcement video.  We think he found it.  Tickets are on sale for the 2nd annual event on September 23.  Affix will be there.

Featuring Affix Music: “Record Breaker” by Twentyone

User-Generated Content

Teymur Madjderey is a professional photographer based in Cologne, Germany.  Like many photographers, he also enjoys videography.  In March, he traveled the U.S. with Mercedes Benz for their F-Cell World Drive, and along with a friend, decided to make a short film about his experience and share it on his blog.  Check out the first part of the film below:

Featuring Affix Music: “Love Says Goodbye Hello Again” by Spencer Garn & “Neighborhood” by Sam Rhansum

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