We’re pleased to kickoff our Celebrity Playlist Series with musical selections from the Affix catalog chosen by artist & designer GREG MIKE.  GM is the nexus of several worlds.  He is a formally trained studio artist who commands a rich understanding of graphic design, fashion design, commercial branding and packaging.  He works in a variety of mediums and exhibits his work in galleries across the country.  GM is also founder of ABV Agency & Gallery located in ATLANTA, GA.



GM writes:

“Another Day, Another Drawing.”

Since I was a kid, music has always been a part of my daily routine.  I’ve said for years that, “music is my speed”.  It motivates, relaxes and most importantly helps me formulate my thoughts.  Whatever it may be that I am doing throughout the day, music is right by my side as a guide to my speed of living.  Below is a quick day in the life and a few tracks I feel would best accompany these hours of a typical day.

8 AM.
Quickly awaken from a vivid dream session by the iPhone alarm. Somewhat
confused, somewhat inspired…Frankie P – Soul Improv

8:30 AM.
Open the wardrobe closet, throw on a teeshirt and some paint covered vintage
twil shorts, Head to the elevator and descend to the lobby and walk out the
double doors. BLinded by the light, Take a quick right and stroll to the to the
coffee shop, the city is empty and the sun is blazing…Spencer Garn – Vide Down  

9 AM.
Head to the garage, hop in the truck, windows down, music blasting..  5
Minutes later, roll up to ABV (the studio / gallery) and review the to-do list
for the day with the team and get moving on current projects…Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics – Feet On The Ground

10 AM – 2 PM.
Non-stop output of creative content on multiple works in progress, super
focused morning session, Time is of the essence…Kabao – Provocateur

2 PM – 3 PM.
Lunch Break and off to the house to relax for 30 minutes and cook up one of my
world famous panini’s. Take a little time to catch my breath, formulate some
thoughts on the couch before heading back to the studio. Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics – The Man Says

3 PM – 8 PM.
Round two of the studio session, sketching, designing, drawing + painting,
utilizing all mediums necessary to bring current visions to life. Full force
till 8:00 PM.  Sam Rhansum – Terminado

8 PM – 10 PM.
Head downstairs to the art studio, work on some new ideas, concepts, sketches
and painting’s that are in progress.  Spencer Garn – Black Cat In The Night

10 PM – 12 AM.
Cut the lights, lock up the space, meet a few friends for some brews and listen
to a few local dj’s spin some tunes at a few spots around the city…The Hero Brothers – Git Out My Face

Head home, rest the head
and repeat.


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