We’re celebrating Mother’s Day early at Affix.  From unconditional love to undeniable advice, no one is ever there for you like Momma.  Afterall, who else would love you after you decided that the walls in the kitchen could use a fresh coat of magic marker?  So if you’re fortunate enough to be able to do so, pick up the phone and tell Mom you love her…and maybe you can even sing her a few lines from one of these Mom-inspired tunes (but not the sexy ones, that’d be weird).

The Washington Projects – Momma:  “Momma, how do I thank you
for the love you give me?”  An appropriate question for Mother’s Day
weekend and a great way to kick off this A-List.

Shay La’Vee – New Kinda Woman:  The modern mother is a far
cry from those of yesteryear.  These days Moms balance busy careers with
the hustle and bustle of family life.  “New Kinda Woman” is a tribute to
the ladies who somehow manage to hold it all down.

Sam Rhansum – Damn Ma:  Who says you can’t go from
soccer mom to sexy diva?  This one is for all of the ladies who jump out
of the minivan and into something a little hotter for the weekend.

Richelle Brown – Blackberry Pie: Ahhh, the sage advice that
can only come from Momma….

Nappy Roots – Come Back Home: This nostalgic tune from
Nappy Roots reminds us of the people who are always there for us.

Tigga Bounce – Get Up:  Tigga asks “Do the ladies
run this mutha?”  Yes they do, Tigga.  Yes they do.

Buk of Psychodrama – God Bless The Child: There’s nothing easy about
raising a family and some folks get more than their fair share of the
struggle.  In “God Bless The Child,” Buk tips his hat to those who fight
for what’s really important.

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