There’s nothing like a new year…the anticipation on New Years Eve as the ball in Times Square begins its decent, the fond memories of the past year, and the excitement for what the next year holds.  As we turn the calendar over to 2011, we take a look through the Affix catalog at songs that remind us of parties, resolutions, promise, and the future.  Happy New Year!
1. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Cherry Red Lipgloss (You A Boss) – K.M.” dl=”0″]
You know you’ve been there: you’re at a New Year’s party counting down to the midnight countdown and bam, you see the person you wanna make sure you’re next to when the clock strikes 12.  Here’s a shout out to everyone who shows up ready to turn heads.

2. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Get Down – The Beat Geeks” dl=”0″]
Ready to let your hair down and party like it’s nineteen-ninety-ni…uh, twenty-eleven?  “Get Down” is the perfect tune to crank up as you celebrate the New Year.

3.  [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Feels Like The Future – Essence” dl=”0″]
Okay, so we’re not riding around in flying cars or cloning ourselves just yet, but we do have electric cars and virtual online worlds.  Indeed, our world today is a lot different than it used to be.  We are the future!

4.  [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Pump It Up – The Beat Geeks” dl=”0″]
One of the most common New Years Resolutions is to work out and get in better shape.  This tune is for everyone who’s ready to break a sweat!

5. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Outside Your Window – The Washington Projects” dl=”0″]
Need a little help getting motivated to make those resolutions happen?  This inspirational tune challenges us all to be our best so put it on, turn it up, and make it happen!

6.  [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Next – Purple Crown” dl=”0″]
Part of the excitement of the New Year comes from the unknown – the challenge of creating our futures while navigating the unexpected turns along the way.  As the chorus of “Next” says: “Be prepared to pass life’s tests cause nobody knows what’s coming next.”

7.  [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Fallen (Explicit) – The Hero Brothers” dl=”0″]
With its sparse groove, ambient tones, and an opening line like “Could this be the end,” The Hero Brothers’ “Fallen” could be a soundtrack for the Mayan 2012 prophecy.

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